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In this digital world, Video marketing plays an important role in every business. Customers feel more connected to videos compared to text. So in the present and future situations, video marketing will be the strongest marketing technique, and most of the companies prefer video marketing to market their products and services. Every year marketing techniques shall change and new technologies shall come out. In this blog we will discuss about few video marketing trends in 2019.

Video Marketing is a marketing strategy, commonly used in business industry, which helps to promote and introduce, products and services of a company. Using video marketing for business has many benefits. Listed below are few benefits of the video marketing.

  • Video boosts conversion rates.
  • Video builds trust and credibility.
  • Video encourages social shares.
  • Video improves consumer engagement.
  •  Video is easily searchable.
  • Get deep insight into the behaviour of viewers who interact with your videos
  • Videos help you to get more visibility in search engines.
  • Video are easily shareable on social media channels.


Here are the latest video marketing trends in 2019.

1. Live Streaming Services


Live streaming is the most important trend in 2019, it is the organic best way to communicate with your audience. This will help you to understand your customer needs rapidly thereby builds trust and credibility and also helps bringing closer interaction between the audience and the advertisers. The main advantage of live streaming is that it is less expensive. You can make more live videos consistently, and your brand will get a better exposure and more popular.

2.Immersive Story Telling


Immersive story-telling is not a new phenomenon, it gives the audience a sense of actual presence, which completely transforms the experience. Immersive storytellers use the latest technologies to include superior-quality images, videos, sounds and games to grab audience attention and give them an immersive experience.

3. Plateform Tailored Approach


Most of the marketing companies use different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc, to establish and market their brand ideas. These days’ customers easily get connected to the videos through mobile and easily get bored of watching the same videos, over different platforms, again and again. If a company or a client is really interested in your brand, they also visit your sites and spread your videos worldwide. Therefore, the trick to keep growing is to keep diversifying.



Vlogging is a new form of blogging. Vlogging is a great method to grow your audience and your business at affordable rate. In 2019 we can expect this Vlogging technique become even more popular. Vlogging gives your viewers a peek into your life and can help you form a better connection with your audience.

5.Square Shaped and Vertically-Shaped Videos


Square and vertical videos are the top highlights of 2019. Instagram introduced the square videos format and snap chat popularised the vertical video format. These videos attract more views and engagements than horizontal videos. Additionally, it is very cost effective and attracting type than horizontal videos.

Videos are more memorable than traditional marketing content and more convenient for customers to engage with. Using video marketing technique provides more scope to expand your business at wide. Video Marketing have lot of quality to attract more customers there by building strong relationship with them. Online marketers are now using video content in their digital marketing strategies.




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